Monday, February 2, 2015

The Loving Hands: A Literally Handmade Valentine's Day Project

I normally don't like to instill Valentine's day traditions in my household. I previously talked about it here and here; however, Alya was already exposed to it in school and she is supposed to make things for her friends.  She actually insists that we also bake cookies. Last year Alya asked me if we can make something for baba (Daddy in Arabic) for Valentine's Day. So we made this Loving Hands Project. It was a lot of fun and kind of messy. The paint that was supposed to be washable and intended for finger painting, did not turn out to be washable at all. The poor girl spent a whole week with pinkish red hands! Of course, now that she can read and write, it would have been a much nicer touch for her to write "Love".

A4 paper for outlining the hands
Pencil or pen
Watercolor paper
Washable finger paint in red/pink or any color you desire
Scotch tape
Light table if you have one (optional)
Your child's hands

Place your child's hand on the paper and trace them, you need not to be precise here. This is just to guide you when you actually need to place the painted hands.
You also need the full cooperation of your child! This one was very eager to work!
Trace as such
Make sure that you create a sort of triangle/heart shape between the hands. This is where you will write "Love" or any other word you wish. Make sure that the word actually fits inside the triangle.
I wish my heart was a bit bigger (no pun intended) but I guess you can not control that. These hands come in one size only! Work with what you have.
Decide on the size of your final project. I opted to follow the A4 paper measurements.
If you have a light table, this is a great use of it. Secure the paper with the hands outline under the watercolor paper and tape on the light table to keep it from shifting. You will this to be stable.

If you don't have a light table, follow the same instructions but use a glass window with day light or place a light under your coffee table with a glass top.
Write the word love in the triangle following your design
Get the washable finger paint and pick your colors. Work on one hand at a time.
Paint the hand with full control over this hand. This hand is now a weapon that can be used against you and your furniture.
Place the hand according to the design. Make to hold that hand still. Any jiggle and wiggle will show here.
Run to the bathroom and wash that hand. Make sure that the hands are dry. Repeat with the other hand.
Let your child write their name. Alya insisted on drawing another heart.
Pick a frame that goes with your design. Of course, you need to do that before actually picking the colors. It is always easier to change the color of the project than changing the color of the frame.

I hope you like it!

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