Thursday, June 23, 2016

Msabaha: Arabic Healthy Vegan Fast Food

Msabaha Arabic Vegan Chickpeas in Tahini
Msabaha! Arabic Healthy Vegan Fast Food Under 10 Minutes! This blog post is not a scam, this blog post is not a click bait where I use a clever title to make you click on the post about Msabaha Arabic Healthy Vegan Fast Food and you discover that the content has nothing to do with the title. This is real folk! As I was working on a special project (shhh, I can not tell you yet); I was thinking about what to make for my daughter for lunch. Contrary to what some of you think, I, just like you, sometimes look for shortcuts when I am busy or when I am just not in the mood for cooking. I stopped working for a moment and I checked my instagram account! yes I recently joined IG, I am @reinventingnadine Click here to follow me socially and then it happened,
Boom! In my face! the angelic face of Joudie of Palestine on a Plate appeared in a quick IG video and she showed how redicoulsly easy it is to make Msabaha. I literally watched the video and made it, styled it, took a picture under 10 minutes. Alya ate it in 5 minutes. It is healthy, vegan, rich in fiber, delicious and fast! did I say fast! What is not to love?

Now before some of my Lebanese readers jump in, this recipe of Msabaha is the Palestinian version. Where in Lebanon, some people make it without adding tahini and yoghurt, because in Lebanon, generally speaking, everything that you add Tahini to (and yoghurt if adding), will be labeled as Fatteh. So they might call it Fattet el Hommus. Of course others may go by the name Msabaha.

A can of chickpeas/Garbanzo with liquid
3-4 cloves of garlic, chopped
Chili (I did not add them as it was made for my daughter), chopped
yoghurt (1 tablespoon) Skip this for vegan option
Tahini (1 tablespoon)
Lemon juice (juice from half a lemon)
Cumin (1/2 teaspoon)

Pita bread for serving

Add the chickpeas/garbanzo with liquid to a pot on a medium heat
Let it come to a gentle boil
Add garlic and chili (if using), let them cook together for 3 minutes
Remove from heat, add yoghurt (if using), tahini and lemon juice
Mix well until all ingredients combined
Add cumin
Drizzle with olive oil if you want (I add olive oil to everything)
Taste and adjust seasoning according to your taste

Serve with Pita bread.

By the way, You can preorder Palestine on a Plate book on Amazon right now. 

PS I was not asked by anyone to write about the book, and I do not make any money from mentioning this book. This is just me telling you how awesome I anticipate this book to be (There is nothing wrong with making money from affiliate links, but I am just not ready to dive in yet)



  1. Hi, Nadine!

    I'm totally going to try this! You made it look so amazing! ❤ I am going out of town for about three weeks around mid-July and I'm gathering fast and yummy recipes my hubs can make and some dishes I can make ahead of time and freeze.

    It also needs to be pretty to make and plate, as I'm going to add these images to my styled stock library I'm launching mid-July as well, Insha'Allah.🤗

    I think this recipe fits the bill perfectly! If you have any others you would recommend,let me know! Thanks a bunch, Nadine! 😍


    1. Hi Nancy! So glad you are going to give it a try, I promise you that it will not disappoint! No need to freeze this as it is prepared under 10 minutes!

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