Friday, May 31, 2013

Best Cocoa Brownies

Best Cocoa Brownies
The title of this blog, as true as it is, is not my own creation. It is the name of this brownies recipe. I kid you not. The wonderful and chocolate genius Alice Medrich named it as the "Best Cocoa Brownies" in her "Bittersweet" book, and she is right. They are the best brownies I ever had in my life. I discovered Alice Medrich few years ago and ever since, I have successfully bought every single book she wrote. They were all used books since the majority of her books are out of print. Some are pricy, for a used book, but I have no regrets. Every recipe I made was a success: rich and decadent chocolate flavor but not too sweet. Just the way I like.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Decorated Apple Cookies: Teachers' Appreciation Week

Apple Sugar Cookies
Last week was Teachers' Appreciation week and Alya's preschool planned many fun events to show appreciation. The kids made cards and got flowers. I volunteered to bring in cupcakes for the dessert day and I also decided to make sugar cookies in the shape of apples to thank them personally for all the great work they do for my child. These cookies, like most prettified things, are time consuming, but they brought so much joy to the teachers. I only prettify my cookies on special occasions because I dont like to use food colorant. I hate those cookies that are very pretty from the outside but taste like cardboard. My cookies are the same old delicious sugar cookies but prettier!