Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine's Day Heart Cookies Part 1

An easy Valentine's Day Treat
Valentine's Day is around the corner. Honestly, I am not a big fan of Valentine's day or any other holiday that requires people to go crazy and blow huge sums of money on gifts, chocolate or flowers just because someone said so. I am the kind of girl who loves getting flowers any other day for a personal reason or even better for no reason at all. My husband does that a lot, so no complaints. I certainly don't mind baking a homemade treat for Valentine's Day or any other day.
Any excuse for baking cookies is a good excuse in my book. I have been really busy these days with canning and preserving some delicious winter goodness. More about that in future posts. I wanted to make something special for the teachers and staff at Alya's preschool for Valentine's Day because they are awesome  and I trust them with my daughter for few hours a day. I decided to make these simple Valentine's Day heart sugar cookies and simply decorate them with colored sugar. In case you have not noticed yet, simple is the word of operation here. The best part is that I didn't really need to make dough because I had a batch of homemade sugar cookies dough in the freezer, perfectly rolled too. All I needed to do is to thaw it in the refrigerator overnight.

Heart cookies cut out with heart cookie cutter
Cookies ready to be decorated with colored sugar cookies
Decorated Cookies
I like to carefully transfer the decorated cookies to another tray
Sugar Decorated Cookies
Now that they are ready, I had to come up with a presentable way to wrap them to keep them fresh and stay pretty. Presentation is very important in general but especially important when showing gratitude and appreciation. It also happens that I am crafty and took courses in Western calligraphy. I will show you in my next post how to present these shimmering colorful heart sugar cookies with little work and big wow factor. Stay tuned.


So you can find in this post:
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I used this cookie cutter: Ateco Graduated Heart Cookie Cutters

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