Friday, May 27, 2016

Using Fine Motor Skills in Arabic Learning

Alya using Arabic Playground Seasons Play dough mat
Are you enjoying my weekly posts about teaching kids the Arabic Language? This week I will show you how to use Arabic Playground Seasons Play dough mats while using fine motor skills. Your child will also learn writing and reading. The best part of using these mats is that they are so versatile and especially when laminated. If you want to know how to laminate the print out and give them a professional look, you can click here. These mats are a great way to revise what the child learned using the "Seasons Flashcards", click here to read about the Seasons Flashcards.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Seasons Flashcards in Arabic With Arabic Playground

Marhaba! yes, this is hello in Arabic. Did you enjoy my last posts in collaboration with Arabic Playground? If so, please leave a comment on my blog and their page and let us know what do you think? What do you need? Are you using the products? Finally share this information with people who might benefit from it. It took me a long time to find reliable modern products and I really want to spread the news about them because they simply work.

Now that we have covered the colors, it is time to talk about seasons and again this is a useful topic that can enrich the vocabulary of your child. Remember that learning a language is an accumulative process and that you have to keep on using it and exposing your child as much as you can. What a better way than learning about the seasons? The season flashcards are available as a bundle (psst it is on sale now).