Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Valentine's Day Handmade Popup Card

Hello? Anybody there? I don't blame you if gave up on me. My last post was on November 2013! Valentines's Day is next week! I am sorry for this hiatus, but I really had little opportunities to blog. I wish I can tell you that I was somewhere in Africa helping building water wells and where there is no internet access, but this is not the case. I was on a very long vacation. Actually it is more like a series of vacations. Well, now that we sorted out this, let us move to critical issues: Valentine's Day!

I am not big on Valentine's Day, never been actually. I don't need to be reminded to love and be loved, on a specific day, set by greeting card companies, florists and chocolate makers. However, I noticed that here in the states, the trend in schools is that Valentine's Day is a day of friendship and love.
Who does not like friendship and love? I still don't buy any cards, flours or chocolate. I make the card, bake a nice treat and pick the flowers from my garden. I live in California. There are always roses or lemons in my backyard. 

I made this card few years back for family members and Alya's teachers at preschool. I was not blogging yet so I did not take any pictures of the card making process. All I had is few pictures of one card I made. I actually made various styles of this card. It is a fun project! I especially enjoyed picking and coordinating the papers from my paper stash.

If planning to mail the card, measure the envelope first and size the card accordingly (usually about 1/4 inch smaller all around). For the cleanest results, cut the paper with a craft knife on a self-healing mat (cut straight lines along a ruler). Some cards need the additional backing to conceal cuts or add weight; create a border by cutting the back piece slightly larger than the base, and layer patterned and solid papers.

Card stock, scrapbook paper, and envelopes
Pens and pencils
Craft knife
Self-healing cutting mat
Double-sided tape
Hole punch
Bone folder
XOXO template Click to open

Step 1
Print a template on card stock, cut, and trace onto the paper for the folded piece. (If making one card, print directly on desired paper.)
Step 2
Fold along score marks. Then unfold, cut out, and refold.
Step 3
Position the folded piece inside base card so it pops. Secure with double-sided tape.

Martha Stewart: Valentine's Pop Up Card

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