Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween Jack O' Lantern Decorated Cookies

Halloween is this week and Alya is very excited! She starts planning her costume a year in advance, she asks when will the next Halloween be right after trick or treating, she wears her costume, and many other improvised costumes, at home all year round. Me? I like Halloween in general, I mean who does not like to wear a costume? I wear my PJs to do my grocery shopping and pretend that it is my costume! Just kidding...I wish!

So I made these Halloween Jack o Lantern cookies and sold them at at Bake Sale Fundraiser for Alya's field trip. I also made the cute Pumpkin cookies, you can see them here. Alya's preschool is located within a private middle school campus, so I figured that these older kids would be more inclined to purchase the scary looking jack o lantern. My cookies were sold out although they were the priciest thing in the Bake Sale.

  • As usual I started with my basic sugar cookies recipe here
  • Roll it and chill according to instructions

  •  Then using a pumpkin cookie cutter, cut out the pumpkin

  • Bake them according to the recipe

  • Leave to cool down completely

  • Prepare around 1 cup of piping royal icing per this recipe here and color half in brown

  • Outline the stem

  • Color the rest of piping icing with orange and pipe the outer outline of the pumpkin

  • Now outline the eyes of the jack o lantern and smile/scary smile/teeth

  • Now prepare 2 cups of flooding icing according to the recipe, color a small portion in brown or purple and flood the eyes, teeth and stem

  • You can fill in the teeth with colored sugar by sprinkling some on the wet flooded area.

  • Color the rest of the flooding icing in orange

  •  Flood the inside of the jack o lantern

  •  You can also flood first and then add the scary smile for an embossed effect

  •  I used three different hues of orange 

 Then one cookie fell on the floor and cracked! now that is scary!
 The cookies looked pretty much like my original plan

Happy Halloween!

I used my trusty delicious sugar cookie recipe, you can find it here.
I used my piping and flooding royal icing recipe and technique, you can find it here,
Wilton Pumpkin cookie cutters
AmeriColor Student Soft Gel Paste Food Color (pack of 12)

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