Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fall inspiration: Decorated Pumpkin Sugar Cookies

Pumpkin Cookies
Alya went on her first field trip ever with preschool. She went to the pumpkin patch with her friends. They played on the slides and picked pumpkins to decorate for Halloween. In order to fund this lovely field trip, we had a bake sale at the preschool. I, among other parents, organized it and volunteered to sell the goodies. I also baked and decorated these Organic Handmade Pumpkin Sugar Cookies. How cute they are!
They were the priciest thing on the Bake Sale Stand, but they were sold out. I normally charge more for such sized cookies, especially that these cookies are fully organic and they took about 12 hours of work. Having said so, I was very pleased to donate my work and time so the kids could have some fun.
Make the cookie dough following this recipe here
Roll it and chill according to instructions
 Then using a pumpkin cookie cutter, cut out the pumpkin
And bake them according to the recipe
Leave to cool down completely
Prepare around 1 cup of piping royal icing per this recipe here and color a third in brown
Outline the stem

Color the rest of piping icing with orange and pipe the outer outline of the pumpkin
 Then the inner lines to give it a 3D illusion

Now prepare 2 cups of flooding icing according to the recipe, color a small portion in brown and flood the stem of the pumpkin
Color half of the rest of the flooding icing in orange
and flood some sections of the pumpkin
Tint the the other half in a darker shade of orange by adding a dash of red and flood the rest of the sections. I have here my trusty assistant performing this task. You can tell that she is focused by how she gathers her mouth, the unmistakable sign of intense focus.
I think that they turned out very cute.
But I had to properly package them for the Bake Sale, So I printed "Reinventing Nadine" in brown inside a dotted orange label on some white card stock and punched the label with a round puncher. placed each cookie inside a plastic bag, tied it with a silver twisty, punched a whole in the label and inserted it in the twisty. Time consuming but necessary. Presentation is very important, besides, the plastic bag will protect the cookie from dust. 
Give it a try!

I used my trusty delicious sugar cookie recipe, you can find it here.
I used my piping and flooding royal icing recipe and technique, you can find it here,
Wilton Pumpkin cookie cutters
AmeriColor Student Soft Gel Paste Food Color (pack of 12)
Celebrate it small plastic bags with ties
Marvy Ushida Round Puncher 

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