Monday, November 3, 2014

Cranberry Beans and Sujuk Shakshouka: A Brunch Dish to Impress

I showed you last week how to make cranberry beans in olive oil which is a vegan Middle Eastern dish, I will show you now how to transform your leftovers (if any) into a wonderful comfort food style brunch dish: cranberry beans and sujuk shakshouka! Sujuk will be used with no shame, sorry my fellow vegans and vegetarians. However, you can still make the dish without the sujuk if you consume eggs.
Sujuk is basically a Middle Eastern/Armenian sausage that is heavily spiced with paprika, fenugreek and cumin. The casing is usually from bovine origin. It is fatty and cooks in its own fat, you really don't need to add any additional oil or butter to cook it. Sujuk is very flavorful and is good friends with tomatoes, hence the nice pairing with the cranberry beans in olive oil.
You can find Sujuk sausages at Armenian and Middle Eastern markets. You can substitute Sujuk with any other sausage type you like.

1 cup of cranberry beans in olive oil (Click here for recipe)
1/4 cup Sujuk sausage
1-2 eggs
Salt and pepper

I like to remove the casing of the sujuk because in these days, the casing is actually artificial. I also like to slice it thinly.
I heat a pan on medium high heat. Add the sujuk slices and cook for couple of minutes, then I like to turn down the heat to medium low and cover it. The sujuk will cook in its own fat.
Then I add the leftover cranberry beans in oil (or any type of beans cooked in olive oil) to the pan with sujuk. Let them cook together and absorb the flavors.
When the mixture is hot, I crack few eggs here and there and let them cook in the same fat. No additional fat is needed, just make sure you use a non stick pan. I like my eggs sunny side up and on the runny side.
Add some salt and peppers and voila! A brunch dish guaranteed to satisfy you! Serve with some pita bread. Click here to see my Pita bread recipe.

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  1. hungry already ! definitely will try this...thanks for sharing

    1. Please do and let me know how you like it!