Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cowgirl Hat and Boots Sugar Cookies

First, let me apologize about my sloppy pictures, I was in a hurry and needed to finish. I hope you enjoyed reading my post about Alya's 4th Birthday Party. I was very excited just writing about it. As you know, I love making sugar cookies. They are delicious and can decorated to go with any theme. I simply decorated them with colored sugar for Alya's 3rd Birthday Party last year, made mustache and bow tie pops for Father's day, hearts for Valentine's day, apples for Teacher's day, fireworks for the 4th of July and now Cowgirl hat and Boots for Alya's 4th Birthday Party!

You can read here, my recipe for Sugar Cookies and how to bake them, and here on how to decorate them with icing

As usual, after making the dough, rolling it and chilling it, I cut the boots and hats using the cookie cutters that I got from Sur la Table.

Then I bake them as per directions. I let them cool on the rack and work on my frosting. (Check recipe and technique in the link below at the end of the post)

I outlined the cookies with brown frosting using the piping frosting

I start flooding the cookies per my design using the flood frosting

I decided to pipe small white stars as the spur of the Cowgirl boots

I tinted them in gold using some gold dust mixed with transparent vanilla essence. You can mix it with a little bit of vodka too. Using a brush, I painted the spurs. I just love them!

Using red piping frosting, I decorated the boots with cute red designs to make the boots look real.

I then decorated the lower part of the boots with white ropes...I think they look awesome!

I also added a star in the middle of the hat using confetti from my 4th of July confetti! Yay for creativity and resourcefullness!

I let the decorated cookies dry and stored them in one layer in air tight container until the day of the party. I actually baked the cookies 5 days ahead of the party and decorated them 2 days ahead. I just love to make things in advance. Who needs craziness on the day of the party!

Wait for my next post about presenting these cookies, the Cowgirl way! 

Sugar Cookie Recipe, here.
Sugar Cookie Decoration Technique, here

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