Monday, May 20, 2013

Decorated Apple Cookies: Teachers' Appreciation Week

Apple Sugar Cookies
Last week was Teachers' Appreciation week and Alya's preschool planned many fun events to show appreciation. The kids made cards and got flowers. I volunteered to bring in cupcakes for the dessert day and I also decided to make sugar cookies in the shape of apples to thank them personally for all the great work they do for my child. These cookies, like most prettified things, are time consuming, but they brought so much joy to the teachers. I only prettify my cookies on special occasions because I dont like to use food colorant. I hate those cookies that are very pretty from the outside but taste like cardboard. My cookies are the same old delicious sugar cookies but prettier!
Cutting the cookies out
I found this beautiful copper apple cookie cutter and I fell in love with it although it is ten times more expensive than a regular cookie cutter. I used my sugar cookies recipe here. Follow the instructions until you have baked cookies. It is up to you if you decide to make them cookies or cookie pops. I baked the cookies on one day and stored them in an air tight container. I decorated them the next day.
The cookies are ready to be baked
I used my royal icing frosting recipes here for both outlining and flooding the cookies. In the link you will also find the instructions on how to outline and flood the cookies. 
Tinting the piping royal icing with black
I outlined the apples, my piping frosting ended up on the tougher side, so piping was not easy and left me with a sore right hand and not perfect outlines. You can outline with any color you prefer, I decided to go with black because I was on a time crush and did not have time to make red, brown and green piping royal icings.
Started the outline with the stem of the apple
The cookies are outlined
The flooding icing was perfect. It worked like magic. I started with the red body, then the brown stem and last flooded the green stems.
The red flooding icing is ready
I like to place the flooding icing as such
Then spread it with the mighty toothpick
First flooding step is done
Repeat the step on another cookie
Next step, flood the stems with the brown flooding royal icing
Stems are looking good
Last flooding with green royal icing
I left the cookies to dry for couple of hours. I had to use every ruse in the book to convince Alya not to touch the cookies. I caught her couple of time trying to touch the wet cookies with her fingers. I had to bribe her with an undecorated cookie with milk.
The decorated cookies are drying
While the cookies were drying, I found these free thank you tag printable that I printed out on off white cardboard paper. I used my circle puncher to punch the tags out. I also designed a square tag with my name on it with the blog information for recipe. I used a school font from my Mac.
The tools and material used for presentation
The cookies are ready to presented
I placed the dry cookies in transparent treat bags with silver twists and added the punched out tags. I think they turned out very nice, and delicious I might add.
Happy Teachers' Day!
Happy Teachers' Day

The Sugar Cookie recipe and baking instructions here
The Royal Icing Recipes and decorating instructions here