Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sugar Cookies Decorated with Colored Sugar from Alya's Birthday Party

Sugar Cookies Decorated with Colored Sugar for Alya's Birthday Party

Cookies make the world a better place! I love baking and decorating cookies and judging by the popularity of my post about decorating sugar cookies with icing sugar, I have a feeling that you will love this post about how to decorate sugar cookies with colored sugar. You can certainly use any color or combination of colors or pattern, the choice is yours. I served these decorated sugar cookies for Alya's 3rd birthday party.
I had a theme of red and orange circles arranged in a certain pattern. Originally I wanted to decorate the cookies with royal icing but then I decided to opt for colored sugar for the lack of time and boy was I happy with my decision. The colored sugar was sparkling and shiny (I am obsessed with everything sparkling and shiny) and they tasted great! I was worried about them being too sweet because of all that sugar but to my dismay they were delicious and quite a hit at the party!

Shimmering Sugar Cookies Decorated with Colored Sugar
Please follow the sugar cookies recipe in my post about making Father's Day Bow tie and Mustache Cookie Pops Part 1 ,just leave out the part where you insert the pop and dont bake yet!  The colored sugar must go on the cookies before baking. You just need to have the colored sugar ready. Right after step 5 where you lay the cookies on the tray, sprinkle the colored sugar of your choice on the cookies covering the whole cookies. I like to use a very tiny spoon that allows me to scoop the sugar and lay it down and spread it on the cookies without making too much mess. Some recipes call for mixing corn syrup with water to make the sugar stick to the cookie, I dont find it necessary and I do my best to avoid high fructose corn syrup if I can. Bake the cookies following the same instructions and Voila! you have beautiful glistening dazzling colored and delicious cookies. I arranged the cookies in the same pattern as the theme on the handmade invitation cards and favor bags (will blog about them soon) and I was very satisfied with the results. I hope you give them a try.
Alya very excited about her birthday party

For a very detailed recipe and method, go to this post Happy Fathers Day: Decorated Mustache and Bow Ties Cookies - Part 1
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