Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day Heart Cookies Part 2

Valentine's Day Treats
Alya sampling the cookies
So you probably know by now that Valentine's Day is around the corner. Alya calls it Valentime with an M (no typing mistake here) and she wants to make a card for her daddy and me (awwwwww). So I am giving the teachers and staff at Alya's preschool those cute Valentine's day Heart Cookies and I am going to show you an easy way to present them.
I personally love the size of those cookies. Not too big and not too small. Enough to satisfy a sugar craving with no or little guilt. So I figured that one cookie is enough besides, there are not really that many left. I had to put the cookies in a tupper ware and hide it somewhere where those small hands can't reach.
You will need:

  • Colored paper your choice to make the tag
  • Paper cutter or scissors
  • Ruler
  • Bone folder (optional)
  • Small sticky sparkling foam heart or any other decoration you choose
  • Purple Sparkling pen
  • 2 in by 4 in small transparent treat bag
  • Stapler
  • Double sticky tape

  • Place the cookies in a small transparent treat bag (3 in by 4 in) that I got from Michael's
Small transparent treat bags
  • I used a pink paper to cut small rectangles measuring 2 in by 4 in to make tags. I used my beautiful Martha Stewart cutter. 
Cut the paper into 4 in by 2 in
  • Score the tag in the middle using a folding bone to fold the tag nicely in the middle

Scored and folded tags ready for decoration
  • Place the sticky decorated Foam heart. I chose to place it in an angle with a tiny part of the heart outside the paper to make more room for the writing and to give it an edge.
Place a sticky foam heart on the tag
  • Write the following sentence on the front side of the tag : Happy Valentine's Day from Alya. I also wrote on the back of the tag: Recipe on in case anyone wanted to replicate this cute goodness.
  • Now here is the tricky part. I folded the top of the bag to seal the opening and to keep the cookie fresh and I stapled it. the trick is is to make sure that you don't break your cookie when stapling. The direction of the staple should be away from the cookie. (A cookie was hurt in this learning curve)
  • Use a double sticky tape or just a regular tape that you can fold, stick the tag into the bag from the front and the back. 

I also made cut treats for the kids in the preschools. I cut 2 slits in the foam heart and inserted the lollipop inside it. The lollipops are organic with natural flavor and no preservatives and dyes. I wrote Alya's name and placed a sticky foam decoration in the middle and on the side.
Valentine's Day treat I made for Alya's friends 
Voila!! Cuteness achieved.


I used: Martha Stewart Paper cutter to cut the paper
Making the Heart Sugar Cookies is on this post: Valentine's Day Heart Sugar Cookies Part 1
The recipe of the Sugar Cookies Dough and how to roll it in one thickness: Happy Father's Day Decorated Mustache and Bow Tie Cookie Part 1
How to decorate Sugar Cookies with Colored Sugar: Sugar Cookies Decorated with Colored Sugar from Alya's Birthday


  1. Absolutely adorable, Nadine! What a lucky girl Alya is to have such a fun Mama. We miss you guys. That little girl of yours is gorgeous! When are you all coming up to Portland?

  2. Hi Nadine,

    I received one of your cookies last year and I didn't realize that you had created everything from the cookie to the wrapping all on your own. I am truly impressed. Keep up the great work! I'll keep reading. :)