Monday, December 1, 2014

Rainbows and Unicorns Invitations: Alya's 5th Birthday

Do you remember when I told you that I will be posting a tutorial on how I made the invitation cards of Alya's 5th birthday party themed "Unicorns and Rainbows"? probably not, I made this promise four months ago but I do intend to keep my word, so here it is. If you want to read about the birthday party, click here.

When I was thinking about the invitation and how I want to make it I decided that I want to involve Alya, the birthday girl, in making it. Because planning, designing and executing birthday parties from scratch (including invitations, decor, entertainment, food and party favors) require a lot of time and energy, I decided that instead of shutting myself in my kitchen or office, I want Alya to be part of it or at least as much as possible. Alya is very artistic and creative. she enjoys drawing and coloring, in fact, it is one of her favorite things to do. So I knew that I had to let her color the invitation, hence, I decided to draw a unicorn and rainbows. Then Alya decided that she wanted to customize every invitation to her friends' favorite colors. So this is the story behind the design of the invitation.

Designing this invitation card was really a great pleasure, I got to practice my childhood hobby "drawing". I designed this unicorn and then painstakingly drawing it by hand on every invitation card. Yes, I tried to convert my drawing into a vector file so I can print it on all the cards but it turned out to be more stressful so I used a light table, from my calligraphy classes, to reproduce my drawing on all the cards.
The initial sketch of the unicorn
fixing the legs
Adding the eye details

Adding her wings
Adding number 5 
Add the rainbow
The final version
Using a light table, I drew a clean copy with black marker
Marked the boundaries of the actual card
Here are the two sides of the invitation

Alya coloring the invitations according the her friends' favorite color palettes
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  1. Cute idea Nadine ! I am sure your daughter loved it

    1. She did! She still asks me to draw the unicorn and rainbows for her to color.