Monday, October 20, 2014

DIY: Cookie Cupcake Topper

This year I decided to actually blog about all Alya's birthday parties. All those tutorials and recipes that I promised you but never really got around to do it. This year is the year of "No tutorial is left behind" and "No unfinished projects".
 Cookies are so much fun on their own but they can also be cute cupcake toppers! The best part is that you can use leftover cookie dough that is too small to be used for regular cookies to make small cupcake toppers. Last year, for Alya's Cowgirl party,  I made cowgirl hats and boots cupcake toppers from paper, click here to read about it.  This year I thought that I ought to change it up a bit.

Sugar Cookie Dough, Recipe here
Royal Icing, Recipe here

I used the leftover cookie dough and cut out small rounds using 1 inch cookie cutters and then cutting out number "5" inside it using a small number "5" cutter. You have to make sure that the five fits inside the circle. I also cut out small 5s on their own. The challenge in making these cookies is transferring them from the cutting area to the baking sheet without deforming the cookies.

When baking these cookies, make sure to adjust the baking time because these cookies are smaller than the regular size cookies. Cookies should be golden.
Put some royal icing on the cookies and then add some sprinkles. Use a toothpick to clean the edges of the cookies.

let the cookies dry completely before storing in airtight container. These cookies can be made a head of time up to one week, now that is a life saver!
Hope you like this idea!

Sugar Cookie Recipe, click here
Royal Icing Recipe and Technique, click here
Cowgirl Birthday Party, click here

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