Thursday, February 13, 2014

Edible Love Letters: Valentine's Day Decorated Sugar Cookies

Valentine's day these days is all about flowers, gifts and candy but what about the art of putting your feelings into words! I decided to make these adorable and romantic edible love letters for Alya's Preschool Valentine's Party. I thought it could be very cute to make these cookies for a bunch of preschoolers who are just learning how to read, let alone write!

Make the cookie dough following this recipe here
Roll it and chill, then using the smallest fluted square cookie cutter of an Ateco 5 pieces set. I also used a heart shaped cookie cutter.
Cut out the squares and the hearts and bake them per instructions.
Leave to cool down completely
Prepare around 2 cup of flooding royal icing per this recipe here. I started with 2 cups of untinted flooding icing, and then used a third as is, tinted another in pink and another in red.
This time, I decided not to outline my cookies and just flood them. Using the squeeze bottle, outline the border the cookie
Then fill the interior
Make stirring motions with a clean toothpick to ensure that it flooded evenly with no air bubbles.  
I highly recommend that you leave 1/8 or 1/4 inch border. This is important because you dont have the usual piped outline to keep the royal icing from spilling. 
Finish the rest of the cookies and let them dry, ideally overnight.  I was on a time crunch so I did not wait. The next day, ideally, make 1 cup of the piping royal icing.
Follow the recipe of the Piping outline here.
Just as we did with the flooding icing, divide and tint as you have planned. I tinted half in pink and half in red.  I used AmeriColor Soft Gel in red and pink. This brand is much much better than the Wilton brand. You dont need to put as much color and it is in a squeeze bottle so it is easy to put the exact amount without the mess.

Place the tinted piping icing in a pastry bag with a tip 2 or 1. I used tip 2 but to be honest, I was in such as rush to finish them that I did not make any piping royal icing. I just added a bit of power sugar to my existing flooding icing and kept them in the squeeze bottle but placed the tip 2 on top of the nozzle. Not great I know; sloppy, I am sure but again, I had not time.

Now outline the envelope as so:
Add the envelop flip:
While still wet, gently place one of those heart shaped sprinkles. I bought mine at Target for $1.
These are the combinations that I made
I made few red hearts too. Follow the same instructions
Alya made her own version of decorated cookies, I think they look like stamps! so adorable!
Needless to say, the kids loved them and so did the adults. I love the cute size because you don't feel very guilty after eating one...or two!
Happy Valentine's Day!

I used my trusty delicious sugar cookie recipe, you can find it here.
I used my flooding and piping royal icing recipes and techniques, you can find it here,
Ateco Fluted Square cookie cutters
AmeriColor Student Soft Gel Paste Food Color (pack of 12)
Mailbox and Heart sprinkles from Target

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