Friday, May 13, 2016

Seasons Flashcards in Arabic With Arabic Playground

Marhaba! yes, this is hello in Arabic. Did you enjoy my last posts in collaboration with Arabic Playground? If so, please leave a comment on my blog and their page and let us know what do you think? What do you need? Are you using the products? Finally share this information with people who might benefit from it. It took me a long time to find reliable modern products and I really want to spread the news about them because they simply work.

Now that we have covered the colors, it is time to talk about seasons and again this is a useful topic that can enrich the vocabulary of your child. Remember that learning a language is an accumulative process and that you have to keep on using it and exposing your child as much as you can. What a better way than learning about the seasons? The season flashcards are available as a bundle (psst it is on sale now).
To know more about how the flashcards work, please check my previous post on Colors Flashcards. 
You can read here how I gave my flashcards a professional look.

I suggest you always start the pictures and word set, you start building the basic foundation of object recognition and phonetics. Don't worry if your child is a toddler, keep using it and you will see the benefits on the long run.

You can play pictures memory game. If your child is a toddler or just started learning the language, you can use the picture flashcard set to play a memory game but make sure that you prepare two copies of the set that you need. 
matching 2 copies of the picture winter set
You can use two sets (pictures and words) at the same time to make a visual association. This is a wonderful way to teach them all the words in the form of play. 
matching picture and word from the fall set
You can play words memory game. Use 2 printed copies of the words set to improve reading and writing. Let your child focus on the beginning/ending letters and long/short vowels. Your child will start comparing and matching letters. This is one of the reasons why I love Arabic Playground products, they are downloadable and actually save you money on the long run. To read about other reasons why I love Arabic Playground, click here.
matching 2 copies of the words spring set
You can make learning a fun and continuous process by aligning the actual season with the related flashcard set. For example in springtime, you can study the Spring Flashcard Set. You can keep it with you in the car or purse and ask your child to pick cards of things they can see around them such as Tree/Shajarah/ (Road trip entertainment solved.) Depending on the age of your child, you can use the picture flashcards, the picture and word flashcards or to make it more challenging go for the only words flashcard set. 
matching a picture with a word from the summer set
Happy learning!

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