Thursday, February 4, 2016

Fun Organizational Tips

I have been MIA for the longest time, I still struggle with scheduling time to post on my blog. I have so much on my plate at the moment. I have been embroidering like a storm. I am almost done with a custom order, more about that in future posts. I am also in the process of working on something very exciting and unique, however the time is not right yet to announce it. Stay tuned. Moreover, I have injured my knee while I was running, which was quite painful. I had to use crutches for a while but I am almost to my normal again and surely not running anymore. There is a time, when one must realize that there are limits and knees are quite fundamental to my existence. I chose my knees.

In the middle of all this havoc, my office space is not growing but my stuff are multiplying like fruit flies. Being afflicted with the many craft/arts/shiny objects/completed set syndrome, I have a lot of art supplies, paper, note books, folders, pads, calligraphy supplies, yarn, sewing supplies, embroidery supplies name it, I probably have it or its cousin. 
I have also noticed that my brains struggle when the office or house is in a mess. Every time I wish to start on a new project, I find myself cleaning my office, the bathrooms, vacuuming, organizing the linen closet. It may be good on the long run, because I am getting things done; but not so great when I have a deadline to meet. I have been thinking about reorganizing my office space and how I do not enjoy to see my supplies scattered and cluttered. I also love colors! I am the kind of girl who is not afraid to wear yellow! The brain is a beautiful thing. I am utterly fascinated by how our senses gather information, how we process it and there suddenly as I was driving to pick up my daughter from school: a vision of the new office space appeared to me. I am not going to say much about until I gave it a try; however it should tackle 3 main things that I need: storage space, color and clutter management.

The first step in this process is those beautiful colorful boxes! They are from Recollections and called "Memory Box". They are so chic and versatile. They come in many colors and patterns. I picked up a few, because I want to see if my plan is going to work before I invested in those boxes. They were on sale at Michaels, in addition, I had a 15% of total purchase coupon the includes items on sale; which is frankly a miracle because Michaels rarely applies coupons on sale items. 
Because these boxes are from cardboard and are colorful, they will not show what is inside of them. I do not intend to open every box to check that. So I found those adorable smooth chalkboard labels. They were on sale for c50 each, original price was probably $1.50 They came with a chalk but it was not the best quality and was white. I remembered that a while ago I purchased fine chalk markers in colors. They worked like a charm. I removed the label and place it on the box centered. The label is adhesive so that was very practical. I started with my first box which as a million of gift tags. I chose  to write with this hot pink to write with because frankly why not? life is too short not to enjoy hot pink!

I plan to soldier on and attempt to finish the office this week least to turn it within possibilities to a workable area again. Do you have organizational tips or tricks to share?


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