Friday, April 25, 2014

Middle Eastern Snacks 101: Green Almond لوز أخضر

Spring is here, at least in California. Actually Spring never left California this year, this has been a hot dry winter. So how do we know that Spring is here? Green Almonds! In the Middle East you know that spring is here when you see green almonds in the store. Green almonds are just young unripe almonds. The almonds are still soft and the shell is still green, crunch and slightly sour. You eat green almonds by dipping them in some salt. I prefer to use sea salt. It is important to wash them thoroughly in cold water because they have some fuzz. I know that I sometimes sound like a broken record but I am so lucky to be living in California where almond orchards are abundant. You can find green almonds in Middle Eastern markets from April to early June. As almonds ripen, the shell becomes hard and inedible, but of course it is protecting a delicious snack inside it. How beautiful and perfect nature is!


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